In This Very Room

In This Very Room is a CD Richard recorded with his friend Dante de Tablan.

This page lists all the tracks on the CD; those in blue are Richard’s original music and you can click to hear them.

To order a copy, contact Richard.

1. Grateful

2. Naomi’s Song / Children Will Listen*

3. In This Very Room

4. I Can Cook Too / Sara Lee

5. If I Ever Say I’m Over You

6. All The Things You Are

7. Under One Roof

8. The Gift of Love

9. Better than I

10. May Bukas Pa

11. Knowing You

*Children Will Listen copyright © 1997-2005 Stephen Sondheim. Used with permission. Lyrics to Under One Roof copyright © 1999 Barry Thorson. Lyrics to Knowing You copyright © 2000 Richard Link.