A Choral Cantata in four movements

For SATB, piano, and optional percussion

Music by Richard Link
Lyrics by Barry Thorson and Richard Link

The recording is 15 minutes for all four movements. The start times for each movement are shown below in case you want to move around as you listen to the piece. Click to play.

Sharon Gong sings a great solo in the fourth movement.

Movement Start time
1. The Call 0:00
2. Song of Remembrance 2:16
3. All Wound Up 7:10
4. Woven Together 9:59

Performed by the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco. Recorded live in Montreal July 18, 2004.

Notes for Woven Together


All the non-English words are Spanish.

In the first movement, The Call:

Cante — Sing
Recuerde — Remember

In the second movement, Song of Remembrance:

Juntos, para siempre, en la corazón — Together, forever, in my heart
Cante y recuerde, mi familia — Sing and remember, my family
Mi hermana, mi hermano, mi amante, mi amigo — My sister, my brother, my lover, my friend

Recitation of names during the second movement, Song of Remembrance:

This movement is a tribute to the members of our community no longer with us. This may be accomplished in a number of different ways:

  • Have one person read the names starting in bar 11. You may repeat bars 11-17 (with voices or just with piano) as a vamp till all the names are read.
  • Have all the members of the chorus say one name while the piano plays bars 11-17, then repeat this section with the words.

If you don't like these ideas, please feel free to create your own way.

Piano parts:

Please encourage your pianist to embellish movements three and four, All Wound Up and Woven Together, as they are able. The parts written are only meant to be a guide.


If possible, there should be percussion in the first movement, The Call. I recommend hand percussion instruments such as djambes, congas, etc. The percussionist would start playing at bar 21 and play until the end of the movement. Though it is not written in the score, the percussionist should also play during bars 87-102 of the fourth movement, Woven Together.

If you want to use percussion in the other movements, I suggest a drum set player who can play the various styles.


If the sections with doubling are too much for your chorus, please make edits that are appropriate. In the fourth movement, Woven Together, the soprano doubling can be solved by having the soloist sing the top part.


Written for the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco
First performed April 23 and 24, 2004
San Francisco