Music by Richard Link
Book and Lyrics by Tegan McLane



2101 is a full-length musical about life 100 years in the future, created with more than 1,600 creative contributions from young people participating online.

(We don’t have a recording of the show, however two singers have recorded songs from the show, and they’re included, without printed lyrics on this page.)

2101 tells the story of the beginning of a Mars colonization project, conceived by a young boy and funded by a idealistic young trillionaire at a time when the Earth’s environment is reeling from a depleted ozone layer and over-population.

While most of the seats on the spaceships are reserved for the “best and brightest,” a few are awarded by international lottery. Cameron's childhood dreams come true when he is selected to be on the rocket ship going to Mars, and he sings Wishes are Rockets. His sister wrestles with her sadness about his leaving, vs. the adventure he’s about to have in Dancing New Dances.

The musical follows the colonists’ journey and crash-landing on Mars, as well as the lives of friends they have left behind on Earth.

The live stage production featured young performers from Children’s Musical Theater San Jose and adult actors.

Approximately 300 young people from the U.S., England and Australia contributed ideas and critiqued the work in progress, via email, daily online chats and electronic bulletin board over the course of the project. Several classrooms also participated, including one junior high school drama class that contributed for an entire school year and attended the world premiere together.

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