Alberto the Dancing Alligator

A new children’s musical

Based on the children’s book by Richard Waring

Music by Richard Link
Book and Lyrics by Jan Taylor


Alberto and Tina love to dance the tango.

One day while tangoing, Alberto slips on a bar of soap and ends up flying head-first down the toilet! Tina reaches for him and grabs the pull chain by mistake, flushing Alberto down...

What happens to Alberto down below?

He performs with a circus of sewer rats (of course!) until he realises how worried Tina must be! Trying to get home, he pops up in toilets all over the city, causing panic until the mayor brings in Butch Everglades the Alligator hunter! Will Alberto make it back to Tina in time?


“My kids sang the songs from this for weeks afterwards” said a father who took his kids to the Edmonton Fringe production.


Alberto the Dancing Alligator is now a one-act musical based on the charming children’s book by Richard Waring.

Alberto is perfect for kids ages six and older. Performed by adults, Alberto features a cast of four actors and a musician with buckets of puppets.

For information on obtaining the rights to perform Alberto please contact Richard Link in the UK or Jan Taylor at Kompany Family Theatre in Canada.

Watch the video interview by Vue Weekly. Read a review from the Edmonton Fringe Festival.