Dream World

An Intergalactic Musical Comedy

Inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Music by Richard Link
Book and Lyrics by Adam Sandel


(This synopsis lists all the songs in the show. Those available to hear online have links to the lyrics and music. A full CD recording of the live concert reading is now available from or .)

Act One

The people of Acteon welcome their conquering heroes (Victorious/Masters of the Universe). Their leader Con Questor announces that he’ll wed Queen Xandora of the defeated planet, and decrees that his niece Azura shall wed heroic fighter pilot Brik Hardstone. Although Azura loves poet Jen Starling, and Brik is engaged to astrophysicist Zelda Buckminster, Con Questor insists that Azura marry Brik and convinces Brik that Azura resists him only to hide her love for him (I Love the Way She Needs Me). Zelda bemoans losing Brik and vows to win him back (The Brainiac Blues).

A group of mechanics plans to present a play for the royal wedding, but Botz is eager to perform Romeo and Juliet all by himself. Xandora dreads her upcoming nuptials as Con Questor plans to rape her planet’s rich resources (Four More Moons).

Jen and Azura plan to flee Acteon and live On Xayanta. Forbidden from performing their play, the Mechanics dream of being brave Space Cadets. As Jen and Azura escape, followed by Zelda and Brik, Xandora flees to her native planet with Con Questor in pursuit. The Mechanics seize their chance to join this "secret mission" and all of them blast off (Countdown).

Act Two

The magical sprite Gizmo reveals that his jungle planet Xayanta is a Dream World, plunged into darkness by his feuding parents Heliorus and Terrafanna (Without Me You’re Nothing).

As Jen and Zelda sing their lovers to sleep (I Will Be Right Here), Gizmo casts a love spell on both men and his mother, but Jen and Brik awake, hopelessly in love with Zelda (Got to Have You Now). Gizmo turns the swaggering Botz into an ape and Terrafanna awakes, desperately in love with him (When You Were Mine). To Gizmo’s delight, Azura and Zelda blame each other for both men being smitten with Zelda (Lord What Fools These Mortals Be).

The mechanic foreman Flange tries to calm his terrified crew back to rehearsal, explaining "there’s Nothing in This World a little Shakespeare couldn’t cure."

Azura grieves the loss of her love (When You Were Mine) and surrounded by the chaos he’s created, Gizmo longs to be mortal (Set Me Free) and he releases all from their spells.

The lovers try to stop Con Questor from marrying Xandora to destroy her planet, but it’s the mechanics’ performance of "Romeo and Juliet" that changes his heart. All four couples are reunited and wed (We Are One) and the newly mortal Gizmo is finally Feelin’ the Love.