What they say about his music...

“Link has that rare ability to fashion a piece that weaves solos, duets and group numbers with a light hand, moving from one to the other seamlessly.”

Heels of Glory is the most feel-good musical I have ever seen. I had an evening filled with laughter and surrounded by talent and catchy melodies.”

“...an amazing composition of dazzling brilliance and true genius.”

“...filled with great depth and beauty—compelling rhythms, hauntingly beautiful melodies, and richly colorful harmonies”

“I encourage choruses to perform this deeply rewarding work of art.”

“...compelling harmonic language not dissimilar in style from that of John Williams”

“A brightly polished folk tale that is as meaningful as any of the big screen epics Disney has created.”

What they say about him...

“Link is a major player as a music theatre composer, and a talent to watch.”

“...truly gifted creatively and professionally.”

“He is able to work with musicians of all abilities and ages, he is patient and kind, and brings out the very best in those with whom he works.”

“Supportive, accommodating, and a great deal of fun to share the stage with.”

“...a national treasure in whatever country he’s working.”

“...I ardently hope I will once again have the extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with Richard.”

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