Committed to my Heart

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This is a diverse album of original compositions written for musical theater, written for and with friends, and written for the sheer joy of setting beautiful words to music.

There are show tunes, art songs, a country song, and an edgy rock song.

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Partial clips of the songs are presented here. Click or the song title to play the clip. [Down to liner notes]

Reviews from people who have bought Committed to my Heart. Note that these are reviews by customers Richard doesn’t know who bought the CD from CD Baby.

Very moving songs in an intimately expressive style

Review by Thea Caro

“These songs have depth, beauty, and evoke a great sensitivity and emotional maturity. Thirteen songs travel an incredible distance in terms of variety of style and musical inventiveness. This is first class musicianship, a gem of originality. I have never heard a country song that had me hanging on every note and word like No Son of Mine. I highly recommend this collection of songs by Richard Link and friends.”

Oh my gosh, everybody must have this C.D love it!!!

Review by Lindsay McDonald

“oh my gosh, this C.D is frickin amazing. Richard Link is so talented in every way. This C.D is great for all music lovers, especially the folks who are into the ‘Musical Theatre’ genre. i love it. Almost every song connected with me emotionally and I could relate to my personal life as well. Watch me Shine is my favorite!!!”

Watch Me Shine (from the cabaret musical Watch Me Shine) [Top]

This anthem was written for the Gay Games, was performed at the Sydney Opera House, and is now a part of the cabaret musical of the same name. This pop version is performed by Matt Alber. Lyrics by Adam Sandel. [Go to the lyrics page to hear the cabaret or choral versions.]

I Will Be Right Here (from the musical comedy Dream World) [Top]

In the strange and dangerous surroundings of the jungle planet, Zelda sings her fiancé to sleep. Performed by William Mininfield. Lyrics by Adam Sandel.

Teachings of the Father (from the musical The Painter’s Dream) [Top]

The painter has lost his colors. His girlfriend’s father advises him how to navigate life’s journey and find his inner strength. Performed by Tim Krol (the father) and Fraser Walters (the painter). Lyrics by Barry Thorson.

Committed to my Heart (from the musical A Little Princess) [Top]

Sara and her father sing a touching goodbye as he leaves her in school and heads off to South Africa. Performed by Adam Campbell and Tiffany Tanquary. Lyrics by Tegan McLane.

Qingdao: December (setting of a poem by Vikram Seth) [Top]

Richard was so inspired by this beautiful poem that he set it to music. Used by kind permission of the author. Performed by Tim Krol and Fraser Walters. [Hear another poem by Vikram Seth set to music.]

I Am There (from the cabaret musical Watch Me Shine) [Top]

A holiday tribute to friends and family, acknowledging those from whom we’re physically separated, and those who are no longer alive. Performed by Juliet Green. Lyrics by Adam Sandel.

No More Snow (from Edmontune the Musical) [Top]

Two hearty Albertans dream of moving away from winter. Performed by Juliet Green and Tim Krol. Lyrics by the late Earl Klein.

Song of Remembrance (from the cantata Woven Together) [Top]

A solo version of the second movement of the cantata Woven Together. Performed by Tim Krol. Lyrics by Richard Link.

No Son of Mine (from the cabaret musical Watch Me Shine) [Top]

The too-often true story of a son being disowned by his family. Performed by Matt Alber. Lyrics by Adam Sandel.

If You Only Knew (from the play Falling off the Edge) [Top]

In this homage to Cole Porter and the Bossa Nova genre, a cabaret singer reveals her unrequited love. Performed by Jan Taylor. Lyrics by Adam Sandel.


La Lumbre de Amore (from the play Mother Courage)

Richard wrote this for a production of Mother Courage, and Christina Trujillo later wrote new lyrics. Performed by Michael Pontrelli.

Knowing You (from the CD In This Very Room) [Top]

A testament to friendship. Performed by Dante de Tablan. Lyrics by Richard Link.

Gotta Go [Top]

A rock ’n’ roll song about the dating scene. Tongue-in-cheek—or is it? Performed by Niall Vignoles, from Niall’s CD. Words and music by Richard Link and Niall Vignoles.


From the liner notes:

To the many singers, actors, directors, and producers who have asked “how can we hear your work?” here is Volume One, Committed to my Heart. This CD is a small sample, and represents some of my favourite compositions over the last 13 years.

The oldest song is No More Snow, written in 1992 with my dear friend, the late Earl Klein. It tells the old story of a young couple deciding whether to leave Edmonton’s wintry climate for balmy Vancouver.

A new composition is a setting of Vikram Seth’s lovely poem Qingdao: December, about a tranquil seaside town in China. It is included with his kind permission. A duet for tenor and baritone, it is sung beautifully by Tim Krol and Fraser Walters.

The songs in between were written for musicals, written with and for friends, and written for the sheer joy of setting beautiful words to music.

I hope you enjoy hearing my music as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

—Richard Link, San Francisco, 2005


All music copyright © 1993-2005 Richard Link, except Committed to my Heart copyright © 2001 San Jose Childrens Musical Theater (music by Richard Link, lyrics by Tegan McLane), and Gotta Go copyright 2005 © Richard Link and Niall Vignoles, words and music by Richard Link and Niall Vignoles.

Lyrics to I Am There, If You Only Knew, The Brainiac Blues and No Son of Mine copyright © 2002 - 2005 Adam Sandel. Lyrics to No More Snow copyright © 1993 Earl Klein. Lyrics to Teachings of the Father copyright © 1994 Barry Thorson. Music and Lyrics to Gotta Go copyright © 2005 Richard Link and Niall Vignoles. Lyrics to Song of Remembrance copyright © 2004 Richard Link. Lyrics to Committed to my Heart by Tegan McLane, copyright © 2001-2004 San Jose Children’s Musical Theater. The poem Qingdao: December is copyright © 1987 by Vikram Seth, and used with his kind permission.