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Places on the web of interest to Richard and his friends.

Singers and musicians

Matt Alber is a very sweet singer who sings a couple of songs on Richard’s compilation CD.

Shari Carlson operates the best studio in the San Francisco Bay Area for singing and acting. Shari truly brings out the best in everyone.

Tim Krol has a great voice, has sung for Chanticleer, and has done a few of the songs on Richard’s compilation CD.

David Landon is an amazing guitar player and songwriter. He produced, mixed, and mastered Richard’s compilation CD and also played guitar on more than half the tracks.

“British cabaret icon” Paul L Martin and MMP Limited create and host a variety of London Cabaret shows.

Shows, books, and related sites

Richard wrote a musical based on the novel A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. You can read the book online, join a fanlisting, read about the Nippon Animation World Masterpiece Theater showing of 1985, and much more.

Dream World is an intergalactical musical comedy inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Vikram Seth is a writer and poet, and Richard has set some of his poems to music.

Watch Me Shine is an original cabaret-style musical history of the gay and lesbian about an hour.

People and their companies

Greg Crowder took the photos of Richard on this site and on Richard’s compilation CD.

Ionix Internet does a great job hosting Richard’s web site, they also give back to the community and have strong connections to the theater scene in New York.

David Kerr is a talented designer who designed Richard’s logo, updated the design of the web site, and helped with the design of Richard’s compilation CD.

Cheryl Link. A beautiful person, Richard’s cousin Cheryl designs extraordinary houses: a synthesis of the Canadian timber frame style with a modern sensibility and Japanese simplicity she calls “mountain modern.”

Barb Mah. If you want to know anything about Canadian theatre, ask TheBarb or check out her site.

Saint Paulus Church in San Francisco has just announced plans to build an exciting new church including a theater and an Alzheimer’s facility. Richard was the music director there for many years, and wrote much of the music sung at the church. He has written a choral work to celebrate the new building.

Barry Thorson is Richard’s friend and colleague; he wrote the lyrics and book for The Painter’s Dream, and wrote lyrics for Woven Together and Four Seasons. Through his Lone Wolf Theatre company, Barry has created a unique program called “Livestories,” and recently created a wonderful oral history of Saint Paulus church.

Richard Turtletaub is a talented designer who created the logo for Watch Me Shine the cabaret musical.

Whip Records. David Landon has the most beautiful studio, and he’s great to work with. He’s not only a recording engineer, he also plays every kind of guitar and is a great producer.


Stephen Kellogg was a dear friend who died in April 2005 just after his 87th birthday. He was pioneer of the gay rights movement. You can read about his 2004 LGBT Local Heroes award, or about the articles on gay seniors housing published in The Advocate and the GLBT Forum.

Dave Raboud died in October 2004, at age 45. He was a wonderful man who gave so much to so very many people, including the arts community. Friends have created a tribute site with photos. His guest book gives a sense of what he meant to the people whose lives he touched. His school created a tribute page which is reproduced here.

Frank M. Robinson was a great writer (of thrillers and science fiction), and a lovely person, who died in 2014 just short of his 88th birthday. You can read his obituary in the New York Times.

Purchasing Richard’s music

For information on performance rights for Richard’s shows, or to purchase scores of his choral works, please contact Richard.

Committed to my Heart the physical CD, is available for online purchase from CD Baby.

Individual tracks will be available for digital purchase in October from the following online stores.

(Note: some companies give us the link before it’s actually ready, so if it doesn’t work yet, please try again in a day or two.)

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